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Josefina is twenty one year old East Coast Based Photographer with a fan base worldwide. Born an artist, she works to show the world what she sees when she looks through the lens. She's been working with cameras since she was twelve: including polaroid, analog, digital & black/white film. You can often find her throughout her hideouts on the web, on her Twitter, snuggling with her a cat, or collecting stuffed animals...."professionally." To her, "dull" does not exist.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Don't Be Afraid of The Light

"Let The Light Say It"
Model: Dr. Carla Johnson (Unbearable-Lightness)
Photographer: Josefina
Copyright © Josefina Photography 2012

"Light is the symbol of truth. -James Russell Lowell"

When I was a little girl the dark frightened me. I was kept away from all horror movies, from Halloween, from anything that had to do with something that would be big dark & scary. I had been protected and yet, I found total darkness to be incredibly upsetting. I had felt like something, somewhere was going to snatch me away should I leave the room dark enough. So there was always a golden glow in my room. There was always a little light source.

The way my house was built (some 80+ years ago) it wasn't built for flattering light. The windows are high and not terribly room in particular faced a quarter out of reach of the sunset. And sunrises took place in my living room. Back then I would creep into that room just to watch the rays of light hit the shutters as the sun began its climb in the sky.

Today I search for those rays of light through my lens. I shoot mid-day when I've been told not too, and over 96% of my shoots are done outdoors either with or without a reflector. And I'm not afraid to "blow-out" images. Perhaps, to those of you who went to school, would like to critique me on that, but I am asking you not too. Why? Because I do it on purpose. I don't like rules...because I don't feel that they apply to art. Art should be about what you create, not what number your ISO & other technical things were set too. And Lowell is right. Light is the symbol of truth. And you capture many more truthful images with light, then you would with out it.

My signature "look" (that appears in 90% of my portfolio) doesn't happen on accident. You get to know someone a lot more when you are comfortable. Pushing someone in a dark corner, and asking them to model is not within the idea of comfort.

But with light, what you don't say, will be said for you ...quietly.

And what you do say strengthens any friendship/relationship both on and off camera, because you are you and you have the moment to be real. You will note, (especially in our corporate business buildings) the light of which we work under, study under, go to school under are all florescent. People complain about their work. They complain about studying (because it is tedious to sit a desk and drill information in your head), and they complain about their classrooms. I am betting that some of this is because florescent light was something that we created. The sun is golden & natural...not bright blinding blue/white light. We are uncomfortable in unnatural settings.

Having Unbearable-Lightness nude, on her bed, on a white down cover, with the sun blazing through her window casting gold light every which way, was no accident. She could have been vulnerable and, yes, that could have showed. But with those who aren't afraid to play with light, and those who are out to seek the truth will find it -especially when what they are looking for either in person, or through a lens, is real.


  1. Thank you! She's quite a stunning model, and individual!

  2. I love your beautiful discourse about natural light. I agree completely that we hate work and school and shopping and anything that takes place in unflattering, unnatural fluorescent light. I've always hated it! I relate to your childhood memories of seeking the light. I am acrophobic, yet I would climb out on my parents' roof to sit in the sunlight. My house was built to maximize natural light 24/7, and I am so happy you were able to shoot in it. And, yes, opening home and heart to someone could feel vulnerable, but a relationship built on trust and respect transcends that :-)

  3. This is why I love the campus library. Their windows are MASSIVE and they let in far more natural light then the rest of the school buildings. Even my own house that I'm now doesn't have the most attractive light, and why I tend to be gone all day, so I can crawl back to it at night.

    You would climb out on roofs? Haha, I could see that. I climbed trees. I wanted to be closer to the light and warmth. I would scale trees too...16+ feet and scare the living crap out of both parents. But once I was up they couldn't get me.

    I'm so glad that you opened your home (and heart) to me, to my work, and to the magic that we created. All of it means ever so much. And yes, I can see that it transcends that -there is not one picture where you look even remotely vulnerable...and that's what makes these images so much more remarkable. You are amazing! Thank you! :-)