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Monday, February 20, 2012

Seduced By Sunlight

"Seduced By Sunlight"
Model: Dr. Carla Johnson (Unbearable-Lightness) | Photographer & Retoucher: Josefina
Copyright © Josefina Photography 2012

"Who is more foolish, the child afraid of the dark, or the man afraid of the light?" -Maurice Freehill

Ever since I was a little girl, I have been transfixed on the idea of beauty. Some of which, comes from the exaggerated version of beauty that you see put out in most modern day magazines, or the selected forms of beauty that you see chosen for higher standard magazine's such as Papercut Magazine & Vogue. And this transfixion has carried on into my photography today. I explained a little about how I felt during a shoot in Carla's blog today, What We See Today: Iconic Images. But that's just the beginning.

The start of this idea what sparked by Cyranos's comment: "In other words, what I see is a woman where someone is, or very recently has, taken the time to make love to her beyond just sharing some sex." -Said comment was in reference to the above image. But Cyranos's really hit the nail on the head here, because I feel to some extent that's exactly what Art is. Almost damn near love making. Carla herself, once said that it's like making love to the camera - something of which, I suppose could also be a take on the above photograph. To me, making Art is a euphoric feeling that is more then the meaning of "making love" and sharing "some sex" with the subject, model; or the idea/thought. 

And this is where I find a lot of photographers mess up. They take this phrase far too damn literally. They feel that to make "beautiful art" they actually have to fuck their model. And that's not at all what I'm talking about.

The definition that I was going for was: an artistic feeling of doing something right.

By what Cyranos pointed out with that comment was: the Carla's personal connection with the eroticism of light, and my personal connection/attraction to and with beauty. One that is often connected to the light that Carla so loves. 

To those that can get lost in an image, or the creation of a piece of art - are the true artists and art appreciators.

To watch Carla slide into a "shared" erotic moment with light and my presence in the corner of the room - is one that cannot possibly be described in any other words but: the creation of beauty. 

With the image above, you can see that she's got those "bedroom" eyes, but if you could have only seen the images that came before this particular one, you could easily see why. That light was more than euphoric and erotic - it was, indeed an aphrodisiac. But that's a moment that even you artists might struggle to create in your head. It was a you-had-to-be-there moment.

Of course, not all of my shoots were as touching, magical nor nearly as erotic as the work that I have done with Carla. No, others are more focused on the the "beauty of the person" or nature and the surroundings - as what you would see in glamour and fashion. Which, is a whole different genre, in general. Every shoot has been different. Every connection that my models and I share, are very different from one another - but it all works out to create a new type of magic. 

And with that in mind, I'll leave you with a bunch of "light" images, where you can see my attention to beauty and attraction to light, both play a huge part in the general storytelling.

"In This Dream....We Float"
Model: Little Rey | Assistant: Samantha Ranck | Photographer & Retoucher: Josefina
Copyright © Josefina Photography 2012

Model: Kate Compton | Photographer & Retoucher: Josefina
Copyright © Josefina Photography 2012
Model: Bekka Gunther | Photographer & Retoucher: Josefina
Copyright © Josefina Photography 2012

Model: Sitara Bird | Full Team Shoot | Photographer & Retoucher: Josefina
Copyright © Josefina Photography 2012

"In The Moment"
Model: Lea Dodson | Photographer & Retoucher: Josefina
Copyright © Josefina Photography 2012

"Don't Be Afraid Of The Light"
Model: Dr. Carla Johnson | Photographer & Retoucher: Josefina
Copyright © Josefina Photography 2012

"Live in rooms full of light." -Cornelius Celsus

I was going to write on a totally different topic, but frankly said topic makes me angry & frustrated - and I'm quite tired of being angry and frustrated, so I walked away from that topic for a moment. If you happen to have a dA account, you can read the following blog:"OMG! She's Naked?!"


  1. What an amazing post, Josefina. Thank you so much for taking time to explain to us your feelings during a shoot.

    Mostly, thank you for our time together and magic we made.

  2. Aww, thanks Carla! Sometimes, I've gotten questions - because I'm not very expressive during my shoots. Depending on the model, I might give a little direction here and there, but I'm still rather quiet, and it's not because not enjoying the shoot, it's because I'm trying to capture more then just that "money shot". I'm capturing small story telling moments of time and they all need to have a trait of the "money shot".

    Thank you for the brilliant magic, and all your "breaking boundaries" ideas!

  3. ...ah, to feel the kiss the rose has known
    That clothes the earth from Helios shorn...
    _____ from In This Dream...We Float to my your inner side, the secret heart
    You prideful hide before you say that I in turn
    Should bare my soul and dare the burn
    Of mock-love shadows light of day
    In faithless promise fades away...
    _____ from Mysterieux

    Good stuff Josefina. You have what it takes to practice the art of the dreamweaver and awaken the gift of the muse :-) It's a rare talent dear, it really is.

  4. Beautiful words Cyranos, thanks so much! I had something to follow your words, but they weren't as eloquent, so I refrained for the moment. I think it would be interesting to see our minds collaborate on a piece of writing one day. :)

    And thank you for your kind compliment - I hold my art near and dear to me, that's for sure. I believe in dreams, what can I say....for those are always seem to be the prettiest. :)

  5. An act of creation as opposed to an act of procreation.