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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Behind The Scenes

Catching up is a long process - or so I've noticed! I'm sorry that I haven't been around much - there's just been so much to do! In the course of these past 10 days I have been on a plane 5 times, have had 5 shoots (3 of which were editorials!), and I'm nowhere near done yet! I now have to go through and carefully select images for publication.

I wanted to show you all a few behind the scenes images from my massive shoot (and double day workshop with Lara Jade, in New York City!) - there will be more updates to come around soon!

Behind The Scenes - Lara Jade getting ready. Can you find me?

Iryna of Q Mangement, NY getting last minute hair treatment before the shoot.
Lightspace Studios - Brooklyn, New York

Lara Jade shooting Iryna of Q Mangament, NY
Lightspace Studios - Brooklyn, New York

Shooting on a rooftop in Brooklyn: Anna & Iryna of Q Mangement, NY 

Taking lessons from the Photography Queen herself, Lara Jade
(an inside to the second day of the workshop!)
We all survived the 110 degree heat! Here I am with the famous Lara Jade
after day 1 of the workshop! :)

As photographers we are told to be prepared for anything. Well, it was a really good thing that (almost) all of us remembered to bring something to drink. While the studio was huge (and had, many MANY industrial sized fans going - and many delicious refreshments), we still couldn't escape the crazy 100 degree heat that was New York that day. Making the studio roughly about 110 degrees. We were all moving around to catch the models, Iryna Popova & Anna Robertson of Q Management - who had to be suffering the most as they went from short sleeves to heavy long-sleeved fashion materials. Things got better when we were able to shoot on the rooftop - as there was a constant cooler breeze. From where we stood, we could make out the Empire State Building on the borderline of New York City itself. (I flew over the Brooklyn Bridge on my way in.) We all got brilliant images - and we can all say that we survived some unexpected summer heat!

(1st image taken by Lara Jade's Team. Images 2-5 were taken & edited with my iPhone on the app, Camera+. The last image was taken by Lara's boyfriend via my iPhone-retouched via PhotoShop.)


  1. Awesome! I love the behind the scenes peek. It's like being along in your pocket. So happy for you xxoo

  2. Right?! They are quite fabulous. I love showing people (when I can) the work that is being done. There's so much magic in a behind the scenes too!