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Josefina is twenty one year old East Coast Based Photographer with a fan base worldwide. Born an artist, she works to show the world what she sees when she looks through the lens. She's been working with cameras since she was twelve: including polaroid, analog, digital & black/white film. You can often find her throughout her hideouts on the web, on her Twitter, snuggling with her a cat, or collecting stuffed animals...."professionally." To her, "dull" does not exist.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Get Wild!

Back in December of 2012, I had the opportunity of shooting with a very wonderfully diverse model: Stephany Theys. When we were finally able to collaborate, we made some serious magic happen. One of the images from the Fashion set we shot was published in the March 1st publication of The Atlas Magazine's Wild Issue!

(Catch this image on page 83 & 84 of The Wild Issue!)
Model: Stephany Theys // Photographer & Retoucher: Josefina // Production Assistant: Amanda Sabet
To see this in print (in the future!) will be very rewarding! I thought I'd show you the rest of the story that didn't make it into those wonderful pages, as well as some behind-the-scenes from the shoot, overall.
The real fashion shot of the set!
The fiercest shot of them all!
I'm so thankful that the day was rainy and overcast, because I couldn't have asked for better (natural) lighting with this particular shoot!

Stephany working her fashion poses in an alleyway near my home.

Shooting Stephany for the "fiercer" side of the set.
Getting the "money shot" of the Into The Wild Series - which you can see in color above.
Showing Steph the work that we've already got, and what more I'm aiming for to complete the story.
A very happy Steph.

Please remember that all the work you see above is mine and has been copyrighted © Josefina Photography 2012-2013. The images in color were shot and retouched by myself. The black and white images were shot by my production assistant & behind the scenes helper, Amanda Sabet, under Josefina Photography. Please respect the art & create your own. Thank you. 

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