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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Endless Pools New Marketing Image!

The Spa Series - Endless Pools New Marketing Campaign Image
Model: Dr. Carla Johnson // Photographer: Steve Brown // Retouched By: Josefina Photography

I have to say, I was very pleased that Carla asked me to retouch these images, and that I could be included in this wonderfulness. I never thought that [some] of my work would be used as a marketing image. That's crazy cool!

To quote Carla on our celebration: 
"As I mentioned in a January post, the CEO of Endless Pools and I communicated about a new thought on marketing the product. As a very pleased owner, I have relished swimming in my warm and Endless waters in a glass room as the snow falls outside. He liked the idea and suggested I have Steve Brown come back to shoot me relaxing in the pool on a snowy day.

Steve lives in a city 70 miles away and regularly makes the trip here for shoots. When the snow did not cooperate on his fist visit, he returned a couple days later, and we got what we hoped would be "the money shot." To assure we had it right, Josi of Josefina Photography edited our four best images.

When I slogged through snow to the mailbox on Friday, I found a letter from Endless pools in the box. One of our images will be used in their new marketing campaign, and there it was - a fat check. We could not have done anything more impressive if I lived in New York City and worked for a top modeling agency!" 

Here's some of the others:

This was the image that they chose - they reversed it, but that's okay. :)

I love how blue the water is in this one.

I actually thought they were going to chose this one, because of all the snow.
That, and it's my favorite! Haha

Just keep swimmin' swimmin' swimmin'

All of the above images are Copyrighted © Steve Brown & Carla Johnson 2013
Images were retouched by: Josefina Photography 2013
These images are not for use outside of Endless Pools and our portfolios. Thank you.


  1. They are all so beautiful, thanks to you, gorgeous xxoo

    1. Aww, you're quite welcome! I had fun. Thank you for including me!

  2. They are just lovely. :) The only way they could be improved is if you hadn't had to wear your suit to "suit" a textiled audience! ;)

    1. I'm so glad you think so! :) Haha - well, see, some people would be totally okay with that. The rest of the population just needs to catch up! ;)